The dadaistic infrastructure of Peloponnese (in progress)

There is a part of modern history that we tend to overlook but relives today in secluded landscapes of the greek countryside.

Landscapes that look like fragments of a world, unbound and incoherent, that followed its ambitions towards any given direction and strived to find a new use for things. The affluence of the post dictatorship period provided the breeding ground for new dreams and in the same time led to the misinterpretation of the concepts of change and development.

Perhaps, along the way the sense of what is essential was lost and the result turned out superfluous and absurd, so much so that today we are left only with the wonder and curiosity about the psyche of a world otherwise so close.

At the next turn you leave this landscape behind you and where once anything was possible, nature makes its appearance stoically ruminating the aesthetics of a generation that no-one is interested to redefine.

text by Dimitris Tsoukas