Wandering into the Greek countryside, someone could find landscapes where the human intervention made them look like fragments of an incoherent and ambiguous world. Having grown up in a small village of Peloponnese, I’m familiar with these places, but I still find it hard to understand the reason of their existence. They seem to me as if they have been left incomplete, not as constructions per se but rather as installations seeking an identity. Some of them may have lost their purpose of use in the passage of time, others look like they have never had one. Therefore, as a whole they reflect an obscure cultural point of view of the modern greek countryside.

Perhaps, along the way the sense of what is essential was lost and the result has turned out to be superfluous and absurd, so much that what has been left is only the wonder and curiosity about the psyche of a world which does not allow any plain interpretation.

At the next turn the wanderer (and even me) leaves this landscape behind him and where once anything was possible, nature makes its appearance stoically, ruminating the aesthetics of a generation that no one is interested to redefine.

* Aloof: not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.